I have thought for a while about posting a blog about Lily ( or @lilythepur as was her Twitter name ) but to be honest I didn’t really know where or how to begin. 

In these last few weeks I have thought about Lily a lot, and mainly as our contact has lessened due to Lily being ill and my not wanting to contact her as much so that she feels obliged to write back. It has been difficult to stop myself contacting her, but I know from her replies that she is very poorly so I have held her in my thoughts instead. 

Lily left Twitter a while ago due to her deteriorating health, and when she left an empty chasm appeared for many, where once had been a sparkle of light and love. Many of her friends have asked me to pass on their well wishes ( which I have ), and it is clear how much love people have for her. 

Below I reminisce about having Lily on Twitter and talk about her in the past tense, but I mean that in Twitter terms only. It seems strange nontheless.

I first got to know Lily about 5 years ago on Twitter. We had an immediate connection with our love for animals, particularly cats, and of course music. We also shared similarities in our family life. Lily and I became friends from the get go, and she was solely responsible for my falling in love with Twitter. She had this amazing sixth sense with me and would often reach out to me unprompted when I was feeling a bit low or unhappy. Just out of the blue an emoji tweet would come with the 2 girls skipping together and accompanied by a blue heart. Lily letting me know she felt me 👯💙.  Sometimes we communicated solely with emojis without any accompanying text and we knew exactly what we meant. 

Lily taught me many things. She gave me recipes ( easy ones, as she knows about my lack of cooking skills), introduced me to alternative therapies I had not heard of, and comforted me when I lost my beloved cats Milo and Mia. She had been a pet bereavement counsellor as one of her many talents, and I couldn’t think of a more suitable person. Intuitive, gentle and supportive. She truly had empathy in every sense of the word. She had the ability to make me laugh until the tears poured down my face by sharing her funny stories and puns, and to make me cry at her pain with the same results. She would sing along with me on Twitter and brighten the most stressful of days. She loved to blog when she was feeling well enough and I was honoured that she dedicated a blog to me which I have kept treasured. I miss her immeasurably. I hope she is comfortable and cuddled up with her beloved DH, Buddy and Beauty.
In the words of the Dave Stewart song “Lily Was Here”

In my smart phone, my Twitter app, and in my timeline. 

She will be in my heart forever. 💙